Tennis al Settimo Piano Positano


7 are the levels of awareness

7 are the chakras

7 are the years of the evolution of a Love

7 are the generations, according to the shamans, who enjoy or suffer from the actions of their ancestors

7 are the floors that lead to "tennis"

7 are the colors of the Peace flag

7 are the colors of the rainbow ....... a bridge in the sky .......


....... This project started with the dream of creating a bridge between East and West, between matter and spirit until they become one.

In an era where there are no more points of reference, the only point on which we can rely is the center of ourselves, through a deeper introspection that touches the essence of the soul.

In an place of Inner Silence and in touch with nature which remains for me the Grandest Master to achieve the sharing of Pure Love.

So through sport, which is matter, we will stroll up beside a different energy which, if you wish, will bring us towards the spirit.